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When building web applications, you have a choice of techniques. At Webmine, we often choose Ruby on Rails. This is a stable framework for the web for which most of the building blocks are already in place. We discuss the pros and cons of the technology, explain how we, as Ruby on Rails developers, approach a project and show some recent projects.

Solid web applications

With the framework and the available standard components, a Ruby on Rails developer can flesh out your web application, faster than with other frameworks. It means a first version of the web application can be delivered relatively quickly, thus saving you time and money.

Ruby on Rails has a large open source community, which Webmine’s developers are also happy to contribute to. This has the advantage that Ruby on Rails has been constantly improved for years, making it a solid and reliable technology for developing websites and web applications.


Questions about Ruby on Rails?

Would you like to discuss your web application with an experienced Ruby on Rails developer? We would be happy to help you further. Contact us for an informal meeting at a time that suits you. During the meeting, Arco or one of the other developers will discuss all your questions.
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Recent projects


Webmine develops the updated version of TypeTopia, the online typing course for children, in Ruby on Rails for TopiaTeam. More modern, smarter and with even better games.

Mockup for TypeTopia


Webmine developed an advanced web application in Ruby on Rails that provides insight into the ‘key metrics’ of over two-thousand scientific journals from Elsevier’s portfolio.


The course of a project

Do you have an idea for a web application? Or would you like to have existing software developed further? Together we will first examine the feasibility during an introductory meeting. If it turns out that your idea is feasible, we will get to work.

The project proceeds in five phases: research, concept, design, development and live. We start by defining the objectives and specifying the target group. Next, we work out the interaction concept and then the interaction, visual and technical design.

Together, we prioritise which user stories the Ruby on Rails developer will work on in the first sprints. After each sprint, a new version of your web application is delivered, so that you, the client, have constant insight into the project’s progress.

Does the web application contain all the functionality for a successful launch? Then we make sure the web applications are ready on the server(s). Even after going live, as a Ruby on Rails developer, we are happy to continue thinking along with you. Whether it concerns support and maintenance or adding new functionality: you can continue to count on us.

Developing your web application in Ruby on Rails?

A Ruby on Rails developer with the right experience will get you a solid web application in a relatively short time. Are you curious whether your web application can be realised in Ruby on Rails? Webmine’s developers master several techniques and are happy to think along with you to determine which technology is best for your needs.

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Our methods

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