Web application helps 1721 people improve the learning culture in their organisation.


Calibris Advies is the knowledge center for practical learning in the areas of healthcare, wellbeing, and sports. With the service ‘SterkLeerklimaat’ Calibris supports her customers with analysing en improving the learning culture. A good learning culture leads to pleasant working conditions, improves performances, and leads to less sick leave.


Previously, for the analysis of the learning culture, questionnaires were filled in on paper and subsequently processed by an advisor with the help of Excel. Calibris wanted to modernise the analysis. Partly because it’s a time consuming and error prone way of working and partly to gain customers by delivering a service with which they can access the measurement and monitoring environment themselves.

The question

Develop a solution that gives Calibris's customers insight into the learning culture in their organisation

Online measurement tool

Together with Calibris and innergo Webmine created a plan for the development of a measurement tool with which organisations could get to work on improving their learning culture themselves. Using the open source framework Ruby on Rails an online application was built that makes it possible to take regular measurements with relatively little effort. Because Calibris’s customers manage the tool themselves they have constant insight into the learning culture of their own organisation.

As part of the web application advisors and Calibris's customers can send out online questionnaires.
The results of the questionnaires can be analysed in all sorts of ways, to create a deep insight into the learning culture of the organisation.

Insight into learning culture

Calibris Advies now possesses an instrument with which they can sell licenses to their customers, so that they can get insight themselves into their learning culture. The customers are assisted by this which leads to better customer retention. The platform halves the time in which Calibris’s advisors are busy with processing the results. Besides that Calibris now has direct insight into the learning culture at the organisations that they work for. This makes it possible to give proactive advise, where this was perviously only available afterwards.

The platform halves the time in which Calibris's advisors are busy with processing the results.

The technology

Calibris possesses an application with powerful functionality for analysis and reporting, as well as being configurable for each customer.

Modular and configurable

The online version of the application gets used by a large amount of customers. Some customers have their own installation. To offer every customer precisely the right functionalities the application was set up to allow for configuring per client.

Powerful questionnaire editor

New and existing questionnaires can be easily managed with the built in Ajax based editor. This allows, among other things, for versioning, so that no conflicts arise when existing questionnaires get amended.


Using the application Calibris’s consultants and customers are able to generate reports in various formats, like CSV, Excel, PDF, and interactive online reports. The available reports are configurable for each customer and for each installation.

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