Web application teaches 8.838 students to spell.

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How do you make Dutch so challenging that students don’t even realise they are learning? The answer is PLOT26, an interactive teaching method for Dutch that makes learning fun and exciting. Commissioned by Blink Educatie, Webmine developed the intelligent, adaptive verb spelling app that accompanies this method.


Central to PLOT26 are exciting stories in which pupils play a role themselves. Besides unique content from real children’s book authors, the method stands out for its clever use of things like gaming, time pressure, scores and competition elements. The stories are interspersed with courses in reading, writing, speaking and fiction.

The question

Kunnen we spellingslessen in een vorm aanbieden die zowel aantrekkelijk als intelligent is?

Can we offer spelling lessons in a form that is both attractive and intelligent?

A spelling app

Blink Education develops innovative digital teaching methods. These methods are aimed at stimulating pupils, making them curious and, above all, allowing them to experience and discover a lot themselves.

The intelligent verb spelling app Webmine developed for PLOT26 is a good example. The app was designed by agency Jager & Prooi and then realised by Webmine in record time.

Attractive and intelligent

The web app is a success. What is the secret of this app? “Learning to spell verbs properly remains a tricky part of the Dutch language,” says Yvonne Gerridzen, publisher at Blink Educatie. “Students often think spelling is unimportant. With this app, we have found a way to throw traditional spelling lessons into a form that is fun and engaging as well as intelligent.”

Smart database

Although the app looks very simple at first glance, there is quite a bit of intelligence under the bonnet. Think, for instance, of a smart database. “From the answers, we can deduce what a student is doing wrong. Then we can give very targeted feedback on that,” Yvonne explains.

“If you do something wrong, the app not only tells you that it is wrong, but also why. Because students get immediate feedback, they immediately learn from the mistakes they make. As a result, children often don’t even realise they are learning.”

"IT in education is often automated paper. At PLOT26, IT is precisely at the heart of the method."

Fun and recognisable

There are fun gaming elements in the app. When you complete tasks correctly, you earn stars and cups. The app reuses phrases straight from Facebook. As a result, young people recognise themselves in the language used. The content completely fits the students’ world of experience.

Using a diagnostic test, the system determines the pupil's level. Thus, the child practices directly at his/her own level.
For teachers, the app provides insight into individual student performance.

Resounding success

PLOT26 and its apps are a success in education land. Several dozen schools now work with the method. That number is set to grow considerably. Meanwhile, Blink is studying the effects of the app to further identify the didactic success of this method.

Ook voor de docent

The spelling app integrates seamlessly with Blink’s student administration system in which each individual student’s progress is tracked. This integration makes it possible to offer students exercises at the right level.

Teachers can track their students’ progress. At any time, it is clear where a class or a particular student stands. This allows the teacher to determine which topics are best handled in class and which students need extra guidance.

"At any time, the teacher can see where a class or student stands."

Creativity and technology

Blink, Jager & Prooi and Webmine worked together using the Scrum development method in weekly sprints. During each sprint, Webmine delivered a working prototype and Blink was able to provide feedback. Blink’s team is happy with Webmine’s work and approach. “They deliver good things. I would definitely choose them again,” smiles Yvonne.

“Webmine asked those questions that were necessary to come up with really good solutions together that we needed for our educational goals. It is very clever how they manage to combine creativity and technology. Because of their committed attitude and their enthusiasm, we created something beautiful together.”

"Webmine delivers good things. I would definitely choose them again."

The technology

Blink Education’s spelling app shows very well how to use smart technology to make learning more fun and effective.

Adaptive learning

When a student starts using the app, he first receives a diagnostic test. Based on the results of that test, the system automatically adapts the student’s learning to the student’s level and individual needs. This is called the personal learning path. This way, each student practices at his or her own level.

Ruby on Rails

The spelling app was developed based on the Ruby on Rails framework. This framework is very suitable for building educational apps. It not only makes for very stable software, but also allows for iterative, small-step development.


The web app is equipped for large numbers of simultaneous users. Since its launch, the app has already smoothly processed millions of responses from students from dozens of different schools.

Education with impact

What could be more fun than learning at your own temp, tailored to your experience? Smart educational apps make it possible!

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