Our methods

How does Webmine turn your idea into a successful web application or app? Or how do we further develop your existing software? We’re gonna explain our development process, so that you can find out if our methods fit within your project.

Research phase

The development process often runs through five phases: research, concept, design, development and live. We go through these phases during both web development and app development.

In the research phase we use our expansive knowledge and will research together with out client if their idea is viable. If we both have a good feeling about the cooperation, we will take a deeper look at your idea and determine the goals of your web application or app and specify the target audience.

The development team will also chart what technical measures will be needed to maintain the information security of your application. If you so wish we can also do more expansive research on the customer journey, competitors and data from something like Google Analytics. After that we will determine the wants and needs and decide on the scope of the project.

Concept and design phase

In the concept phase we’ll create an interaction concept. After that we’ll create a clickable prototype, so that you can get a good idea on the way the software works.

Next we will start the design phase and create an interaction, visual and technical design. Based on the user stories we’ll decide what the priorities for the first sprints will be.


Development: always a new version

Because we at Webmine work using iterative development methods, you’ll continually see your software grow. After every sprint the team will deliver a new version of your product, so that you can keep a good eye on the progress of the project. We’ll continue doing that until the software contains all functionality laid out in the user stories.

We advise our clients to go live with a ‘minimal marketable product’, a product that contains all required base functionality. That way you shorten the time-to-market of your application as much as possible. During the development you can use the feedback of your end users to add additional functionality.

Going live: support where needed

When your application is ready to go live, we’ll advise you about fitting hosting partners and determine how else your application can be supported by us. For example we can configure the application with Google Analytics or have it placed in the app stores. Another important step in this phase is handing over the source code. At Webmine the client is always the full owner of the source code.

Afterwards you’ll still be able to count on us for support and maintenance on your software. Where needed we’ll think with you on optimising your product, so that the success of your application will keep growing.


Do you have questions about the development process? Feel free to come by for a cup of coffee.

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