During four weeks a multidisciplinary team will create a working prototype for your digital solution. No endless preparations, just getting right to it.

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About Webmine

Webmine creates software that successfully serves your organisation and end users. Our experienced software developers are able to take the most out of their technologies and will develop, together with you, high quality web applications, mobile apps, and API’s.

It is our mission to support organisations with their digital transformation by developing software geared entirely towards our clients needs. From Schoonhoven we develop web applications, mobile apps and API’s using iterative methods for a variety of clients such as TopiaTeam, Elsevier and Hart Island.


Do you have questions?

Do you want to exchange thought with a developer about a web application, mobile app or API? We’d be glad to help you. Contact us for a meeting at a moment thats convenient for you. Arco, or one of the other software developers, will give answers to all your questions.

Our vision

There are three values central to our development methods: happy customers, high quality software, and enthusiastic end users.

By taking our clients through the development process from the beginning on we are able to increase the quality of their software. Because we use an iterative approach towards development our clients will continually see their software growing and they will have constant surveillance over the progress of the project. Together we expand the limits of the technical possibilities.

High quality software? That’s web applications, mobile apps and API’s that perfectly connect with the wants and needs of the organisation and end users. Our methods, choice for open source technology, test-driven development and our high quality-standards are the ingredients we use. The result is stable, secure, and well designed software. Technology where the intellectual property is entirely within your hands, so that you are free to go where you like in the future.

Enthusiastic end users are the direct result of our clients and their projects. That’s what gives us energy and why we put in the work everyday.

What can we help you with?

Web & API

Websites, web applications, and API's, using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and React among others.

Web development
Mobile apps

Mobile apps for iOS and Android on phone and tablet, using React Native and others.

App development