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When developing an app, you are faced with the choice of which mobile operating system the app should be able to run on. The two biggest platforms are iOS and Android. We go over the features of the Android operating system with you and explain how we, as Android app developers, approach a project.

Android app benefits

Android is Google’s mobile operating system. Manufacturers are given leeway by Google to largely decide what the operating system looks like on the device, which means it can vary from brand to brand. Android is therefore available on multiple types of mobile phones and tablets, which is immediately a big advantage over the iOS operating system. Because iOS can only be used on the iPhone. The advantage is illustrated by the graph below, which shows that Android has by far the most users.

Android heeft veruit het grootste marktaandeel en is dan ook een interessant platform voor app ontwikkelaars.

Android has by far the largest market share, making it an interesting platform for app developers.

Furthermore, Android is known for its personalisation capabilities. An end user can easily customise the interface, widgets and settings to their personal preferences.

Feasibility Android app

Before making a choice in the operating system of your app, it is a good idea to test the financial and technical feasibility of your idea. Contact us to receive an initial analysis of the feasibility of your idea and then decide whether and how to proceed in the development process.

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Android app development

Together with a digital agency, you start the development process with one or more workshops, in which you determine the objectives and specify the target group. If required, additional research can be carried out into the customer journey, competitors and other data from Google Analytics, for example. Based on the workshops and research, you formulate the requirements and wishes and determine the scope of the project.

Next, an interaction concept is created and an interaction, visual and technical design. Based on these designs and the elaborated user stories, the development team starts building the app. Once the app meets the agreed functionality, a developer places the app in the appstores and your product can be launched.

After the launch, you can agree on management and maintenance and further optimise the Android app.

React Native

Increasingly, customers want the mobile app to be suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems.

React Native has the advantage that one set of source code can be used to develop apps for iOS and Android simultaneously. This makes the apps consistent. And, because only one set of code needs to be developed, you save time and money in both initial development and ongoing development.


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