The technology we use to develop web applications, mobile apps and API’s are our tools, and they come in many sizes and shapes. The high demands our clients expect from their software ask for only the best technologies.

We possess the right knowledge

Every application is different. Functionally and technically. That’s why our development team uses a variety of different technologies. That way we are always up-to-date with the latest developments in our field.

Everything is possible with open source

At Webmine we have a love for open source technology. Software of which the blueprints are publicly available. Because of that you can look into the entire structure of the software and even alter it. As a developer you’ll never be limited in your possibilities. What’s not there yet, you can add yourself. And in addition to that the users of the software are continuously able to contribute to the development of the technology.

Ruby on Rails developer

Most of our web applications and API’s are developed in Ruby on Rails, an open source platform. The Ruby on Rails framework perfectly connects with our iterative way of working and above all is secure, robust and scaleable. Together with that we use a lot of automatic testing; new changes to the software are automatically tested to offer maximum stability.

React Native developer

Most of our mobile apps are developed using React Native. One of the most important benefits of using React Native is that one set of source code allows for developing apps on both of the major mobile platforms (iOS and Android) at once. In addition to that React Native is an open source technology which is constantly expanded with new possibilities.

Technology fitting with the project

Webmines developers look at what technology fits best for each project. The team also uses a range of technologies, such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React Native and Vue.js.


Do you have questions about what technology fits best with your web application or app? We'll gladly talk with you.

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