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Are you considering having a new web application or mobile app developed? Or do you want to further develop existing software? In that case you’ll want to get off to a good start. Our developers are ready to help you get started. Whether you want an explanation about a new technology or an initial indication on development costs: come drink a cup of coffee (or tea) with us and you’ll be guaranteed to walk outside much wiser.

How does it work?

We’ll gladly help you get started with the realisation of a successful web application or mobile app. Do you have questions like ‘is my idea even possible?’, ‘how much is it gonna cost to develop my app?’, ‘what does the proces of developing a web application look like?’, or ‘how do I find a fitting partner for the development of my app?’ In that case, schedule a meeting with us. During the meeting we will discuss all your questions, think along with you and where needed we will challenge you.

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“Our experience tell us that it really helps to sit down with a developer early on. Ask them all the questions you have and dare to exchange ideas with them. You’ll receive valuable information in return that will help you with the development of your web application or mobile app.”


Naturally everything we discuss will remain between us and we’ll handle your information with care. All our employees are bound to strict confidentiality agreements. If you would like we will also sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that we can both enter the meeting with a good feeling.

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Burning questions? Exchanging ideas? Or do you want more explanation about a technical choice? Our developers are ready to answer your questions.


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Why do this?

“Then I’ll probably be bound to your company after the meeting, right?” Not at all. So why do we do this? We’ve noticed it’s a massive help to meet with a developer early on. That saves you, but also us, a lot of time. By asking a developer all your questions early on and exchanging ideas with them we’ll be able to think along with you about what the best solution will be. We listen to your questions or ideas and use the knowledge we have to help you.

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Have you been walking around with a question or an idea? Schedule an appointment with one of our developers.

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Webmine is a software development company in Schoonhoven. We'd be glad to share our vision, methods and recent projects with you.

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