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When developing a mobile app, you have several techniques to choose from. React Native is an open source framework that allows developers to develop an app for both iOS and Android with one set of source code. We tell you more about the advantages of React Native, explain how we, as React Native developers, approach a new app project and take you through some recent projects.

Shorter development time

One of the main advantages of React Native is that with one set of source code, apps for the two largest mobile platforms (iOS and Android) can be developed simultaneously. From the open source community, very many free-to-use components have also been developed. As a result, a developer does not have to build every screen from scratch, but can develop very quickly with the standard tools and components. This contributes to shorter development times and therefore lower costs.

Apps built with React Native also tend to be more consistent. After all, with other techniques, new functionality or a change has to be processed in two separate sets of source code. This increases the likelihood of inconsistencies and also significantly increases maintenance costs with these types of techniques.

Benefits of React Native at a glance

  • One set of source code, to develop consistent apps for both iOS and Android. This saves time and money in both initial development and ongoing development.
  • It is an open source framework, which means the community is constantly adding to the framework and there are many freely available tools and components.
  • The code in the framework can be adapted quickly, which ensures flexibility and a perfect fit with a step-by-step development process.

Action plan: from idea to successful app

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Or an existing app you want to develop further? Together, we first examine the feasibility. In an introductory meeting, we will discuss your wishes in detail. If we find the idea feasible, we get started. We spend time on deepening your objectives and specifying the target group during one or more workshops.

We then elaborate the concept, followed by the interaction, visual and technical design. Together, we write the user stories and determine the priorities for the first sprints, so that our React Native developers can get to work.

Developer Arco

“Working with React Native gives me the structure of components, the ease of web development and the power of native running code. But for me, what I like most is how new and yet widely supported it is: programming with React Native feels like being at the forefront of the future of app development.”


After each sprint, you will see a new version of your app, giving you constant visibility of the project’s progress.

When your app is ready, the lead React Native developer will send it to Google and Apple for approval. Furthermore, we support you in the matters necessary to successfully launch the product. Of course, you can also count on us to support and maintain your app afterwards.

Getting your app developed with React Native?

By choosing an experienced React Native developer, you ensure that your app gets to market faster and at a lower cost than what is currently possible with other technology. The apps we have built in React Native are consistent, stable and can be easily adapted. We are happy to think with you about whether your app can also be realised in React Native.


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